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How much does a civil lawsuit cost?

You don't need a small claims court attorney, and some states don't even allow you to have one. ... There are many benefits to seeking legal help from a lawyer, but you should

How are most civil cases settled?

What happens when a case is settled? After a case is settled, meaning the case has not gone to trial, the attorneys receive the settlement funds, prepare a final closing

Can I sue for someone else?

Q: Can two siblings have power of attorney? Yes, two siblings can share the power of attorney. Often times, parents who want to be fair give each child equal powers so as not to

What happens in a civil law case?

What are the 5 steps in a civil lawsuit? The following process explains the steps in a civil lawsuit. Step 1: Consult with representatives. If you are considering going to

What is small claim case?

Small claims court is designed to help parties that do not have lawyers resolve their disputes quickly and inexpensively. In small claims court, claims must be less than $